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As many brand owners are very well aware, a website is the backbone of any commercial business. They provide a platform for your business to reach out to customers or any potential buyers. A website undoubtedly is the first thing people like to explore when searching for your company on Google or Bing to get a better understanding and insight into what you have to offer to your customers. A good website design can make a significant difference in your conversion rates and buyer satisfaction. But when we think about building a website, we are often left perplexed about the do’s and don’t and what website agency to choose to help us create the website of our dreams. Sometimes, we often favour the idea of hiring a freelancer or the best web agency
With all that being said, in today's blog, I will aim my best to clear any of your uncovered doubts regarding building a business website. For every perfect website, you should come to know of some important knowledge behind it. In today’s busy world, lots of clients are often left with substandard circumstances or inescapable obstacles after trying to hire unethical agencies with little to no experience and are mostly left with nothing but regret and further doubts. 
I am going to enlighten you on what steps to take so you don’t catch yourself in this similar unpleasant situation. We will first begin with types of websites; where you will get an overview idea of different websites platforms.

Types Of Websites Provided By Every Web Agency; 

If you search on the internet for website designs, you will come across either of the two different terms, which are-

  • Custom Website
  • Theme based website

Many website designing agencies provide their clients with both types of websites. So let's grab a quick knowledge about both of these terms! 

Custom Websites:

Custom websites are developed by a developer who builds the website using different programming languages. As the name suggests, in a custom website, you can customize/build your website according to your needs. With this, every single element can be customised. Front-end and back-end developers are used in developing custom websites. However on the other hand, if we take a quick dive into the pricing of it all, it might be crossing an average website budget costing it a tad more money. 
Examples of custom websites are -, etc.

Theme-Based Websites:

Theme-based websites are generally developed by a front-end developer. These themes are already available online. You need to purchase it and your developer will change the design according to your business. But these websites are not fully customizable. Since it is built by third-party websites, it can design on free online platforms known as a “website builder”. These websites come cheap in cost. 
Examples of theme-based websites are -, Wix, com,, etc. 

On coming to terms with both of what those terms mean; now, it all remains up to you for which kind of website you would likely prefer. Stating as a personal opinion, you should always go for building a custom website for your business. Moving on to our next question that is; 

Why We Should Choose A Web Agency Over A Freelancer?

Talking about building a website is not an easy task. And every customer wishes to have the best website designs for their business. Developing a website needs experience and skills which I believe only a few freelancers possess. 
If we compare both web agencies and freelancers, there lay some pros and cons of them. Let's discuss some points on both so you can remove the fog of doubt and have your mind cleared about where you choose to move.

Benefits of a Website Agency: 


If we talk about experiences, many big and mid-caps web agencies have experienced developers in their teams. Experience plays a major role in developing a website which you don't oftentimes see in freelancers.

Best team: 

If you are developing a website, you need a frontend, and backend developer, as well as a content writer for writing important pages for your website. In hiring freelancers you have to find the correct guy and for multiple works, you need to scour through a lot.

One Place For all Your Website needs:

You can get all the things in one place. A web agency has a team of web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and a digital marketing team. In much simpler words, a web agency is one shop where you can fulfil all your website needs and requirements. Freelancers don’t tend to do all things you might eventually require, but even so, if you wish on hiring one, it is best advised to hire a freelancer community.

Right Direction: 

An experienced and well-versed web agency will also guide you correctly to make your online business successful. A freelancer mainly doesn’t intend to pay much attention whatsoever to an overview of things that an experienced web agency developer can do.

Less Time With Great Work:

Every business owner knows the faster the job gets done, the better it is for the brand and its development. 


You can now choose to develop your website in absolutely no time with the best web designing teams. Hiring a single web developer may often be tiring for both the client and the worker. Nobody, especially in an expeditious commercial environment, wants that. It often revolves around tedious timing and tons of undone tasks. Which further leads to inconsistency in the business and the process of creating a prolific website. It is mostly advised for individuals involved in the business industry to always choose a decent yet affordable, effective, and reliable service from a reputable and trusted web designing agency. So you can sit back, relax, and watch the website of your dreams mould into a reality and take positive action online with the best of intentions from the most hard-working, experienced, and passionate professionals ever.


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