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Custom ecommerce website agency . Why do you need a website agency? In this blog, you will learn about the difference between theme-based websites vs custom websites.


Welcome back to our blog, where we explore the enthralling world of digital marketing and website technology. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or just starting, this is your one-stop shop for all things about custom ecommerce websites by a website agency in Delhi.
As we all know that technology changes every second so do websites as well. Every time you visit any ecommerce website it comes with some new functionality. So using the same theme-based website will not help you to look unique to your client and your business. So let's start our blog on how a custom ecommerce website is changing the world and helping you in getting more clients as well. 

What are Theme-Based Websites?

Goodbye to old-fashioned theme-based websites. Websites like WordPress, Wix, Shopify and other platforms are using the theme for building websites. These websites are using themes where you can change elements but can't change the root elements such as transition, banner layout and much more.


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WordPress - Pinnacle of digital creativity

WordPress, which launched in 2003, revolutionised website building by providing an easy-to-use platform for users to construct and administer their sites without requiring any technical skills.It grew in popularity as the go-to Content Management System (CMS) over time, thanks to frequent updates and a robust plugin and theme ecosystem. These plugins are also there through which you perform different functionality such as WhatsApp API buttons, call buttons, payment buttons and others.


Did you know: Using so many plugins can increase your website loading time?

Disadvantages of WordPress Websites


Its success resulted in security issues that harmed its reputation. But with time as tech is now changing. So now the WordPress website also starts getting falling. Because of security and performance issues. If you are someone who wants to build an ecommerce website by a website agency in Delhi. While it is still a robust and extensively used platform, security issues have spurred competition from competing options. Then the WordPress website is not trustable. But yes still you can use WordPress for landing pages.

So for building landing pages, you can click here.

Talking about another big and robust tech company that changes the game of websites with some superb features i.e Shopify


Shopify: A Gamechanger for Ecommerce

After WordPress failed down because of security and performance issues for the ecommerce website. Shopify took place. It started in 2006, and revolutionised e-commerce by providing a simple framework for entrepreneurs to easily set up online stores. With continual updates and an expanding app ecosystem, it evolved to become a dominant player in the e-commerce market. Its emphasis on simplicity, flexible designs, and smooth payment integration contributed to its success, with over a million businesses using it.

Shopify's success encouraged innovations such as point-of-sale systems and augmented reality shopping experiences, solidifying the company's position as an e-commerce solutions leader. It enabled companies of all sizes to develop an online presence and participate in the expanding digital marketplace.


Benefits of shopify websites 2023

Why Shopify Falls Down? - Disadvantages of Shopify

The problem with Shopify is now the payment issue and design issues. In Shopify, you have a limited design option and they are charging for high sales volume. Their charge for using the platform is also a little bit high. 
But due to the high audience still so many people using it. But with time they are also shifting towards custom ecommerce websites.

What is Custom Ecommerce Website?

Custom Ecommerce website is the great revolution in the technology era where you build your in-house team for developing your website. In this, you have full access to design your website in your way. Whatever, you want in regards to website banners, website theme, website element transitions and much more. The interesting part is that you don't need to pay any extra charges just like in Shopify.

Custom e-commerce websites were often built from scratch using HTML and basic scripting languages. This method separates the front end (user interface) from the back end (data and functions), allowing for greater flexibility, better performance, and more personalised user experiences. Front-end technologies such as React, Vue.js, and Angular are available to developers, while the back-end maintains the e-commerce logic and database.

As now this is an era of AI, the incorporation of AI and ML (Machine Learning)  into custom e-commerce websites has enabled personalised product suggestions, chatbots for customer help, and improved sales forecasting as well.


Benefits of custom ecommerce website 2023


How Website Agency Can Help in Building Custom Ecommerce Website?

If we specifically talk about Delhi City, which is the core heart of India for technology, innovations and businesses. Every business now coming on the online platform. Every business needs a website, app or software to get online. Not every business has more money or space to form its team of developers and marketing. And if they have money or space, then finding the best team, trusted and experienced people is so tough. Just like finding a pin in a stack of bushes.

So for getting out of this problem, a Website agency can help you out. A website agency can help you construct a custom e-commerce website by utilising their knowledge in web development, design, and digital marketing. 
The types of work they do to help you in building a custom ecommerce website are -

Objectives Analysis: 

For a successful plan, you need to set a goal first. A website agency will work with you to comprehend the goals of your business, target market, and particular needs. To customise the website appropriately, they will gather details about the products and services that you provide, your branding, and your differentiators.


Design and User Experience (UX): 


Design is a key component of every e-commerce website. The designers at the web agency will produce an intuitive user interface that complements your brand identity. The designer work on UX so that you will not lose customers.  The user experience will be optimised to promote simple navigation, frictionless shopping, and a high conversion rate.


Web Development:


 Technical parts of creating the website will be handled by the web agency development team. The right technologies will be chosen, the e-commerce platform will be set up, secure payment methods will be integrated, and the website will be responsive across a range of devices and screen sizes.




If you want a unique website that meets the needs of your business, the website agency will change the design and functionality of your website according to your wish. They create custom e-commerce product pages, shopping cart interactions, and checkout procedures to fit your specific requirements.


Third-party API Integration -


 Integration with third-party tools and services is typically required for e-commerce websites. Every business uses CRM and other business applications. So if you need to connect your own shipping businesses API, CRM platforms, email marketing tools, and inventory management systems. The website agency will handle these linkages to streamline your company's operations.


Build your custom ecommerce website for your business


Security - 


For an e-commerce business, security is of the utmost significance. To protect customer data, the website agency would use strong security measures such as SSL certificates, encryption, and compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS.




Before going on the field you need to see the result of test practice. Before the website's debut, the website agency will do extensive testing to identify and correct any bugs, malfunctions, or usability issues. This ensures that your customers enjoy an easy and error-free purchasing experience.


Launch and Support: 


Once the website is complete, the web agency will oversee its launch. They can provide continuing assistance, monitor performance, fix problems, and make required changes to ensure the website's continued success.

Website Agency may also assist you with promoting your bespoke ecommerce website. As a result, they do some of the following:


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Search engine optimisation (SEO): 


A reputable website agency understands the importance of SEO. It will improve the content, meta tags, and structure of your custom e-commerce website to increase its exposure in search engine results and organic traffic to your website.


Digital Marketing: 


Many website agency providers also offer digital marketing services. They can assist you with strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email campaigns to improve traffic and sales to your e-commerce website.
So there you have it. This is the end of my blog. In our upcoming blog, we'll go through how to pick a website agency in Delhi for a custom ecommerce website.



This blog explores the world of digital marketing and website technology, focusing on custom ecommerce websites. Theme-based websites like WordPress and Shopify have replaced traditional themes, offering flexibility and customization in design and functionality. WordPress, launched in 2003, revolutionized website building but has faced security and performance issues. Shopify, a game-changer in the e-commerce market, has become a dominant player with its emphasis on simplicity, flexible designs, and seamless payment integration. However, it faces payment and design issues and is shifting towards custom ecommerce websites. Custom ecommerce websites often use HTML and scripting languages, allowing for greater flexibility and personalized user experiences.

A website agency can help businesses build custom e-commerce websites in Delhi City, India. They offer services such as objectives analysis, design and UX, web development, customization, third-party API integration, security, and testing. The agency will analyze your business goals, target market, and needs, create an intuitive user experience, integrate secure payment methods, and ensure responsiveness across devices. They also handle third-party API integration, security measures, and extensive testing to ensure customer satisfaction.


If you wish to create your customised ecommerce website for your company. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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