What is a Website - How a Web Developers Build a Website?

As the world starts getting evolve in technologies and most businesses start getting shifted online. And especially in India, most startups are now earning billions because of one thing which is the website. So what is a website and how do web developers build a website?

Hello everyone, I am rishabh working as a digital marketer at Website99. Welcome you all to my blog. So many of you may know what is a website? But some people don't know. Let's start this blog on the website.

What Is A Website?

A website is a collection of online pages and associated material that share a similar domain name and are hosted on at least one web server. This is a definition which will you see on the internet. But you didn't get it right? So let me simply tell you. A website is like a home. And the place where your website is built or hosted is called a server. Just like you name your house same goes with the website which is called domain. So I hope you will get what is a website?

what is a website

What do You need To Start Your Website?

As I said a website is just like your home. Before building your home, you need a place, you need a team and a method and after that, you name your house. So just like a home, you need a few things for your website. 

  1. Domain 
  2. Server
  3. The technology or framework you want to use


Who Builds the Website?

A website is built by a web developer and web designer. A programmer who uses the client-server architecture to create World Wide Web applications is known as a web developer. Simply, a web developer will develop your website. And a web designer will create and upkeep your websites. They have a wide range of talents and disciplines, including web design, web graphic design, user interface design, authorship, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design, and search engine optimization are some of the several facets of web design.

How a web developer build the website

How does a Web developer build a website?

Before developing a website, a wireframe will be made by a web designer. A wireframe is a blueprint of your website. After that, your website will start to develop. A website has two things. First frontend and second backend. Mostly Frontend will be designed and developed by a web designer and the backend will be made by a web developer. 

For more on how web designer works read our blog.

Besides any website, there are millions of coding behind it. There are so many coding languages used in developing a website like - HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and many more. There are three types of developers – a full stack developer, frontend developer and backend developer. So if you are a learner who wants to become a web developer. Choose which type of web developer you want to become and proceed toward your dream. 


Conclusion - Why You Need A Website?

See in this blog we have covered what is a website? What do you need to start your website and who builds the website? What does a web developer do? We talked about so much but we miss one thing. Why do you need a website? So for this question I left the blog here. In my next blog, I will answer that. So stay in tech and see you next time.

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