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Static Website

Static Website


Static Website

If you are not on the first page of Google search result , are you even on Google?

Static Website allows the business to put a mark on the internet. These are the basic kind of website which are pre-defined with the content and images to be shown to the user. The static websites are not connected with any Content Management System (CMS) and therefore the content, images and texts of the website can not be changed in real time. Nevertheless the Static website allows the business to showcase its products and services which it has to offer to their customers. However, how easy it may sound it takes a seasoned developer to build an exquisite static website which appeals to psyche of the customers. At Website99, we can help the business, brands and start-ups to develop amazing static website with extremely beautiful designs and enhanced user experience, so that it can help you bring more leads and enquiries for your business.


Why Static Website?

Be Found , When People are Finding You

1. When your business doesn’t require frequent updates

As said earlier, a static website is not connected with any CMS and therefor you can not change the content of the website on real time basis. If your business doesn’t require frequent updates on your site you can opt for static website

2. When you do not want to spend heavily on website

The static websites are relatively cheaper than dynamic websites. If you are keen to mark your presence on the internet but not very keen to spend heavily for that, you can opt for static website.

3. Less Investment on Hosting Services

Since a static website is pre-defined with contents and images, the size of the website is relatively smaller than the Dynamic website and thus require less hosting space, which eventually results in less investment on hosting services


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