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Responsive Website

Responsive Website


Responsive Website

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The digital world is changing at a rapid rate and with this change it brings about new requirement and subsequently new inventions. Earlier the majority of people use to interact with the website either through their desktop or laptop but with the smartphone and other hand held devices becoming popular, many people interact with the website through their smartphone and other hand held devices.
A responsive website, understand the environment and the device on which the site is being browsed and automatically adjust its content , images and text according to the screen size and view port, thus providing more accessibility to the users.
At Website99, we understand how important it is for your website visitors to have a seamless experience, irrespective of the fact from which ever device they are browsing your site, and therefor we strive our best to provide the best responsive website designing services to our patrons. Our team consist of professionals and seasoned website developers that provides stalwart responsive website services to our clientele


Why Responsive Website?

Reduced Cost | Skilled Team | Amazing Outcome

1. When you want to attract new customers and retain the existing one

A large chunk of your customers would be browsing your website through hand held devices such as smart phones, give them an enhanced user experience with a customised responsive website design.

2. When you want to rank higher on search engine

A well developed responsive website makes it more appealing to your customers and Google alike. A responsive website can increase your chance to rank higher on Search engine. A mobile friendly website is a ranking symbol for Google.

3. Establish Authenticity and Credibility

A responsive website establish the credibility and authenticity in the mind of your customers. Nowadays, a responsive website is so common that not having it will downgrade your authority and credibility.


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