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News-Blog Website Development Company Delhi (INDIA)

News-Blog Website Development Company Delhi (INDIA) offer sections of native and international news, lifestyle, entertainments, jobs, educations, business, science & technology, and other features exclusively for the news portal development. A news portal should be and is supposed to be accessible, available, discernible and within reach. The news provided on the blog or a forum should be authentic, reliable, well grounded and well-founded. Today where everyone is in a rush, not everyone has the time to follow through the news channels or newspapers so the handiest and easy option available today is the news portal or the news blog which can be easily read upon anywhere on any instrument, whether it’s phone, tablet or a laptop albeit the news is definitive, descriptive and reliable. Website 99 takes a baton in creating such newsworthy blogs and portals which are rather informative, illuminating enlightening and instructional. Our hundred percent effort goes into displaying all kind of news on the blog so that are readers don’t have any problem in following up with any kind of, of any honor of news coverage.


Our features include:

  • Integrating Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customize news portal development
  • News website and web portal development
  • Add/delete/edit features
  • News highlight
  • Latest news update
  • Customize news portal design
  • Very good interface
  • Polls
  • Add/edit/delete advertisement or banner
  • Multilevel features (Admin, Author, Users and more)
  • Images and video posts
  • Easy managing administration panel
  • Maintenance and support
  • SEO features and many more!

Cost Effective Services

Our news blog website development services are affordable, economical and cost-effective. Our team of developers is responsible, diligent and sincerely work towards creating a maverick news blog or a portal which is self-sufficient, self-reliant and absolute. We also make sure that time to time our data is updated on the portal with relevant news material to make sure that the reader doesn’t get bored of reading the same stuff. Our portals are also infused with new technologies and new developments from time to time. Indeed, we are the premier blog and news portal development company in India providing user-friendly, easy to navigate, news portal development. The news portal services we offer are cutting edge including news portal design, development, news website, web application, and custom development. “No matter what’s your demand for news portal, our extremely virtuoso web development team can provide you with great solutions as per your need.”

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